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Welcome to my page. As I continue forth to actually produce something more than just average one-offs and fan pieces, I want to let everyone know a few things beforehand.

1. Everything from here on out will be labeled. As well as few important previous entries that will be reposted after some minor touch ups and lining.

The label system will go as follows:

[C] commission

[R] request


[OCI] Original Character Insert

[WB] World Building

[CHD] Character Design

[FNA] Fan Art

OCI and FNA are unofficial work which means it shares nothing with the the original world Im designing.

2. If you are interested in contributing to the world I've built. I'm open to new ideas as long as they fit with in the parameters and rules of the world.

3. The world I'm building is a work in progress and always will be, even upon official release. There is always more that can be added and more to be worked upon. We'll try our best to avoid retcons.

4. More to come. As this world starts to become more and more developed, expect more discussions in changes and future plans.

5. As of now I only have a few things to share atm. But am focusing most of my time on development. So requests and commissions are going to be kept to a minimum.


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